Ethics/Fraud/Moral Intelligence

Recommended Resources:



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Recommended Ethics, Fraud, and Moral Intelligence Publications & Resources:

2016 Ethics & Compliance Training Benchmark Report : Data Insights

Navex Global Ethics Experts

A.B.C.'s of Behavioral Forensics

Wiley Accounting

Bribery and Corruption Casebook : The View from Under the Table

Wells & Hymes (By: ACFE)

Business Ethics  : Contemporary Issues and Cases

Spinello, Richart A.

Candidate Handbook : Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional

CCEP Certification Board

Emotional Intelligence : 10 Self-Control Secrets You Didn't Know

Tran, Abbie

Emotional Intelligence : A Practical Guide

Walton, David

Emotional Intelligence : A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Emotions & Raising Your EQ

Tuhovsky, Ian

Emotional Intelligence : How They Determine Our Success

Miller, Dan

Emotional Intelligence : How to Increase EQ, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills & Achieve Success


Emotional Intelligence : Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

Goleman, Daniel

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Bradberry, Travis & Greaves, Jean

Ethical Intelligence

Weinstein, Bruce

Financial Shenanigans Third Edition : How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud

Schilit & Perler

Financial Statement Fraud Casebook : Baking the Ledgers and Cooking the Books

Wells, Joseph (By: ACFE)

Fraud Data Analytics Methodology : Uncovering Fraud in Core Business Systems

Vona W, Leonard

Fraud Examination

Albrecht, Steve

Fraud Examination : 5th Edition

Albrecht, Albrecht, Albrecht, Zimbelman

Fraud Risk Management Guide


Future Crimes : Everything is Connected, Everyone is Vulnerable

Goodman, Marc

Get the Truth : Former CIA Officers Teach You How To Persuade

Houston, Floyd, Carnicero

Getting The Truth : Discover the Real Message. Know Truth.

Koenig, Joe

International Fraud Handbook

Wells, Dr. Joseph T.

Machine Learning Forensics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence

Mena, Jesus

Make an Ethical Difference

Pastin, Mark

Money Laundering : A Guide for Criminal Investigators : Third Edition

Madinger, John

Moral Intelligence 2.0

Kiel & Lennick

Silent Sabotage

Morin, William J.

Small Business Fraud Prevention Manual


Social Intelligence

Goleman, Daniel

Spy the Lie

Houston, Floyd, Carnicero

Take Me to Truth

Sanchez & Vieira

The Book of Virtues

Bennett, William

The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book

Bradberry, Travis & Greaves, Jean

The Fraud Audit : Responding to the Risk of Fraud in Core Business

Vona W, Leonard

The Hard Problems of Management : Gaining the Ethics Edge

Pastin, Mark

The Moral Compass

Bennett, William

The Thief in Your Company

Couch, Tiffany

The Use of Integrity Tests for Pre-Employment Screening

Congress of U.S. Office of Technology Assessment

Why The Do It : Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal

Soltes, Eugene


The links below are to external website resources and they will open in a new window.



Morals / Moral Intelligence:



5 Steps to Reduce Small Business Fraud (Short Clip)

Anti-Fraud Education Partnership Q&A

Common Types of Business Fraud

Dealing with Fraud and Scams in Your Small Business

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud prevention starts at the top (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)

Guardian Analytics Presents The New Frontier in Fraud Detection

How to Detect Fraud in Your Family Business (John Broons, The Family Business Guy)

Predicting Corporate Fraud : Big Think

What is Corporate Fraud? (ICPC) : Canadian Fraud News

What is Corporate Transparency? What Does Corporate Transparency Mean?

Why Transparency Is Essential In Business



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